Where Roads Once Were

This poem was inspired by a chance sighting of two couples during one of my daily lunch breaks.  One couple was visibly in love as they were engaged in an embrace during their lunch date.  Moments later, in the same vicinity, I witnessed another couple that seemed to contrast the first in every way, as a public argument ensued between them.  The contrast was quite poetic as I pondered the journey from one end of the love spectrum to the other.  The following is the resulting muse.

There once was a road named “Forever”

traversed by love-ladened drifters

burning with blissful abandon

entranced by the fragrant figment

of a fairy-tale ending

Their fingers intertwined

into a lover’s knot

reflecting the contents of a lover’s heart

The road so smooth

The path so clear

No cracks, no bumps, no potholes near

But lovers become strangers

as the sands of time

turn the “tic” of bliss

into the “tock” of burden

the pant…




The road named “Forever” dead ends

neglected by the feet of fidelity

Streets of gold

fade to dirt roads

fraught with the souls of arguments

that died in antiquity

being conjured up repeatedly

now haunt the contemporary

Love whispered in its infancy

“i’ll never hurt” you

“i’ll always love” you

But as love grows older

it tends to grow colder

shouting over and over



and before hands can heal the wounds

words wound again

siphoning fresh blood from year-old scars

The pain decays but never really dies

as the golden vow lies

in the dirt

where roads once were


© 2015 Brian Evans.  All rights reserved


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Ripples (Haiku)

Warm, quiet waters

ripple on the lake’s surface-

the fish leaps up high


© 2015 Brian Evans.  All rights reserved

Original Haiku in observance of National Poetry Month


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Ebullience: An Acrostic

Evening brings the sun’s demise

Before my eager, sun-kissed eyes

Ushering in the sounds of night

Layering skies with Sailor’s Delight

Love is the lens that stills and captures

In a moment of time the feelings of rapture

Expressed by my passion for sunsets in spring

Nurtured by the peaceful panacea they bring

Captured by this moment, a word I seek to find

Ebullience is the word I seek that fills my heart and mind



Copyright Symbol black Copyright 2014, Brian Evans for Wisdom’s Quill

Shimmering Salutations

Hello, Sun

I almost didn’t recognize you

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you

My goodness, you haven’t aged at all

You look the same as I last remember

Me? Not much has changed

I’ve grown a little since I’ve seen you last

In whatever state I’m in

I’ve learned to be content

Even if it means

Not seeing you for a stint

The illusion of pain

Caused by the rain

Produces the grain that feeds hungry brains

So I’ve learned to need the rain

Although I must say

I love the way you shower me with gifts in spring

You spread diamonds across the tops of oceans and seas

For all to see

As they shimmer with infatuation

From the gaze of your attention

And it’s all beautiful to me.


Copyright Symbol black Copyright March 2014, Brian Evans for Wisdom’s Quill

The Ghosts Within

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The Ghosts Within

By: Brian Evans



like ghosts of childhood past,

manifest in my mercurial muse.

Then, like vapors,

vanish into the air of my reality.

Some ghosts are friendly.


Like the ones that whisk me away

to eternal Summers and Dog Days

filled with June Bugs

and ice cream, homemade.

Then, away to late-night freeze tag

with family ties and fireflies.


Life was then a virgin,

not yet kissed

by the lips of demons in disguise.

Everything is pretty to innocent eyes.

Love was like snow,

freshly fallen and untouched

by the feet of curiosity.

Some ghosts are friendly.


Then, there are those

that carry a maddening haunt.

Like the ones that pull me

into cellars sworn to secrecy,

then leave me

to develop in the darkroom of photographic memories.

Some ghosts are enemies.


As vapors evanesce, leaving

their condensation on the windows of my reality,

I assent to this one brief soliloquy:

We are now, because of who we have been,

and we will be, because of the ghosts within.


Copyright Symbol blackcopyright 2014


Published in Words & Images In Flight: Poetry and Visual Arts (Poets and Places).  March 2014


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