Passion: The Currency of Happiness

Sitting here ruminating on my Blogging 101 journey thus far, I’m elated as my blog takes on a fresh and exciting new tone.  I couldn’t be happier.  I decided to go exploring, per our 101 assignment, to find a blog that really spoke to me in such a way as to inspire a blog post.  Seeing that there is no shortage of awesome talent on WordPress, I knew this task would not pose a challenge.

I came across a poem called The Everyday Under His Collar,” on Nicole Riget’s Blog.  The poem was about the everyday struggles that salesmen encounter when faced with quotas and rejection; while simultaneously attempting to maintain hopes that somehow seem to elusively retreat into the cave of tomorrows.  Having spent six years in sales, I immediately identified with the misery of fleeting hopes.  Although sales was a lucrative career for me, in many cases, the anticipation and preparation for the sales call exceeded customer buy-in.  I found myself always chasing the big one (the big account, the big bonus, the customer commitment, etc.)  It was exhausting.  One section of Nicole’s poem caused me to poignantly ponder the emptiness I experienced, when all of my preparation for a big sales call ended with the heartbreak that accompanied the “NO.”

“The failed,

the miserable,

the promises;

always of tomorrow.

The tomorrows’ building

into becoming nothing,


no thing at all.”

                                                           ~Nicole Rigets

As I read these lines, I thought about the feelings of dread that would grip me some days, just thinking about work.  Even though I was experiencing a measure of success, I was dead inside.  When I compare that career, to the one I’m working now, it’s like night and day.  What’s even funnier is, my current career doesn’t even pay as much as the previous one did; but for some reason, I feel much wealthier and fulfilled now.

Life has a tendency to abuse us in many ways by taking from us more than it gives.  We live in a state of deprivation; sleep deprivation, food deprivation, and social deprivation.  In essence, it’s all in the name of struggling to survive and thrive.  We’re chasing after tomorrows that never come.  We’ve all either been there, we’re there now, or we will be there soon. It’s time for a serious self-evaluation.

What is our life’s ROI?  What are we demanding in return for the time, energy, and money that we’re spending trying to thrive?  There is one thing, and one thing only, that life requires from us before it will give anything back; and that one thing is passion.  I’m not a multi-millionaire (yet), but I possess something now that I didn’t have back then…PASSION!

After reading Nicole’s post, I realized that there is another form of currency that exists beyond money.  It’s far more precious than gold; in fact, if used properly, it attracts money.  We may not be able to put passion in our wallets, but it does hide perfectly in our hearts.  Passion buys more than material possessions, it also buys spiritual treasures.  Passion fills every tick-tock of the clock with meaning, and not just minutes.  Passion is the only thing known to man, that allows us to walk boldly into the storehouse of life, and buy happiness.

Thank you, Nicole for indulging me.  You’re a great inspiration.

As always, thank you for visiting Wisdom’s Quill. See you soon.

Keep Learning ♦ Keep Loving ♦ Keep Living



Blogging 101: Know Thyself

Funny how introducing yourself can be one of the most difficult things to do…at least, for me; that is.  Although I’ve been blogging for almost a year, I’m so elated to finally have time to participate in the Blogging 101 experience here at  Thanks to @michelleweber, @siobhyb, and @gracejiyoung for lending their expertise so generously.  So, in compliance with my first assignment of introducing myself to the world, here goes:

My name is Brian Evans, and I was born a Southern Gentleman (Birmingham, AL).  I am a lover of God, lover of life, lover of the arts, and lover of only one wife.  A morning person-I am not.  I consider myself a “logophile” at heart. My dream body comes complete with six-pack abs (currently under construction).  I have a colossal sweet tooth, and an extreme sports car fetish.  I’m a closeted misanthrope with extrovert tendencies.  I find it easier and much more satisfying to be nice to people.  You could say that inspiration is my forte.

I’m not what you would call a bona fide, decorated writer at this point, but I do love to write.  The world of blogging captured my heart sometime ago, so I just dived right in.  I’ve experienced a very small measure of success, but I really want to take my writing/blogging skills to the next level.

I grew up going to church (a lot), and was exposed to, and adversely affected by, tons of erroneous religious ideology that nearly cost me my life.  The pain that I endured due to careless people who used the Bible to advance their selfish motives at the expense of hurting others was excruciating. I later realized, that the Jesus, the Bible describes and the Jesus that is represented in religious circles are irreconcilable.  My journey to recover from that pain has birthed my blog Wisdom’s Quill, because I believe that there is a difference between religion and wisdom.  I desire to bring that difference into clear focus.

This message, is one that I wish someone had shared with me sooner, so I’ve committed to use this platform to reach out to others who may be in that same struggle.  It’s my dream to become an author and a speaker, because I’m passionate about helping others recover from the pain of religious error, by discovering the true God who really does love us.  In no way am I saying that God is responsible for the pain that erroneous religion has caused; but I am saying that once true love is experienced, it is undeniable.

I chose to enroll in Blogging 101 this year, because I think WordPress is AWESOME!!!  I love to learn, and I want my blog to reflect excellence all around.  I desire to learn the tools of the trade, so that I can set the stage for things to come.  I have been introduced to so many phenomenal people here already, and I’m looking forward to gleaning from many more.

My goals for the next year as a blogger are as follows:

  1. Establish a consistent blogging habit (at least three times a week)
  2. Double my following
  3. Be a guest blogger for some of my fellow WordPress bloggers
  4. Manage multiple blogs

Anyway, I think I’ve met my word quota for the day.

Au revoir