Ebullience: An Acrostic

Evening brings the sun’s demise

Before my eager, sun-kissed eyes

Ushering in the sounds of night

Layering skies with Sailor’s Delight

Love is the lens that stills and captures

In a moment of time the feelings of rapture

Expressed by my passion for sunsets in spring

Nurtured by the peaceful panacea they bring

Captured by this moment, a word I seek to find

Ebullience is the word I seek that fills my heart and mind



Copyright Symbol black Copyright 2014, Brian Evans for Wisdom’s Quill

6 Replies to “Ebullience: An Acrostic”

  1. B.E., your love for nature shines through your work. Love these writings. I learned a new word, so thank you!…ebullience:
    high spirits; exhilaration; exuberance.
    a boiling over; overflow.


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