Living Life In 3D

Earlier this week I posted an episode on my YouTube channel, Brian Evans Unleashed, highlighting the importance of getting busy fulfilling your purpose.  There are three dimensions that we have access to as created beings, and each dimension has the power to influence and shape our destiny.   I’m referring to the dimensions of our past, present, and future.  Learning how to harness the power of each dimension requires the proper perspective.  We must be prepared by our past, planted in our present, and focused on our future if we desire to walk in our greatness.

Prepared By Our Past

As much as we would like to, there is absolutely nothing we can do to change our past.  Unfortunately, many people are paralyzed in their present because they keep reliving the traumatic events of their past.  While the past is permanently fixed, it still serves a purpose as we march forward into the future.  We learn valuable lessons from looking in the rear-view mirror of our past.  We can contemplate our successes and failures and learn from each experience.  In fact, this ability is what makes us beautifully human.   By placing our experiences in proper perspective, and successfully compartmentalizing our failures, we become stronger, wiser, and better prepared to tackle the challenges that will arise when we TRY AGAIN!!!!  This leads me to the next dimension…

Planted In Our Present

The present is perhaps the most powerful dimension in which we live.  It gives us the opportunity to recover, rebuild, and renew or focus.  It behooves us in this dimension to be intentional and…well…present.  Being planted in our present is essentially making a commitment to fully engage with every opportunity that presents itself to us.  What makes the present unique is the potential that unfolds before us with each passing second.  New thoughts and ideas emerge in the present.  Intimacy is forged and strengthened in the present.  Futures are designed in the present.  In the present is where life itself blooms in all its splendor.  However, the tragic truth is in the present things are also lost if we are not intentional.  We sometimes focus so much on the other two dimensions that we fail to fully plant ourselves in the beauty and splendor of our “now.”  Cherish your present, because as quickly as it comes, it flies away.

Focused On Our Future

There is nothing more exciting to me than traveling to the future in my imagination and sliding back into the present with new dreams, visions, and goals.  The joy that it births keeps me light on my feet, especially through the tough times.  God has plans to give us a bright future, full of hope and expectation.   A significant part of discovering purpose in our lives is believing there is greatness waiting for us up ahead, and working hard to make it happen.  The present isn’t always a pleasant place.  Focusing on the future while learning from our past provides an anchor when the waters of the present moment get choppy.   Never give up.  Your future is worth the wait, so start living your life in 3D today.

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I am Brian Evans, and as always, thank you for visiting Wisdom’s Quill.

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