Me????  I’m simple, some would say.  I have a low tolerance for noise, especially in the mornings.  I love the miracle called “coffee.”  I often wonder why people do the weird things they do, but then I realize…I’m one of those people.  I live for the moments that inspire me. The moments such as when I hear music; but not just any music.  The kind that makes me close my eyes and want to breathe it in.  I live for the moments when I’m in nature, and suddenly realize that I’m no longer outside, but inside the very entity that birthed me.  These moments inspire me, because they are big.  They produce within me, feelings that were never meant to be contained.  This is why I write.  Not just words, but feelings.  Some people view emotions as a curse, but I think they are our gifts.  We often discover ourselves through the emotions of others; and this is my definition of inspiration.  My name is Brian Evans (BE), and Wisdom’s Quill is my journey.  The chronicles of the joys that were born out of my pain; the knowledge that was born out of my ignorance, the faith that was born out of my fears, and the treasure that was born out of my loss.  I share with you my desire…to inspire with my pen.



18 Replies to “About”

  1. I just loved your tagline: “I Desire To Inspire Through The Fire Within My Pen”! It is a very deep and thoughtful statement that you have put up. And I also loved how simply and lucidly you have decorated your page which gives the readers a serene experience reading your blogs. Happy blogging, cheers!

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  2. Hi Brian! I’m glad I clicked on your blog! I have the good feeling that I’m really going to enjoy reading your posts and following your journey in writing!

    Happy blogging! 🙂

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    1. Oh, WOW!!!! This is so exciting. My first award. Thank you Cheryle, for the nomination. Words cannot express how honored I am. I gladly accept your nomination. Congratulations to you as well. Loving our Blogging 101 journey. Thanks for the links to help as well. Blessings!!!


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