The Liebster Award: Acceptance Speech

Liebster Award


Just when I thought the blogging experience couldn’t get any cooler…BOOM!!!!  I get an award.  This is AWESOME!!! I’d like to thank Cheryl Baker, over at Lightwalkers Blog for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  I highly encourage you to check out her amazing blog filled with words of wisdom, poetry, and photography, by clicking the above link.

So what is the Liebster Award, you may ask?  It’s an award that is designed to encourage new bloggers (less than 200 followers) on their journey to blogging greatness.  It is usually given by other bloggers as a way to spread the word that your blog is pretty awesome…(blushing).

This is my first award nomination, so there are a few things that I need to cover in this acceptance post.  The rules for accepting the Liebster Award are as follows:


  1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions created by the person who nominated you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers, who have less than 200 followers and link them.
  4. Create 11 new questions for the nominees to answer.
  5. Notify all nominees of their nomination for the award.


So, I’ve already taken care of #1…(thanks Cheryle), so on to #2 shall we.


 Here are my answers to Cheryle’s questions:

  • What always makes you laugh?

I know this is terrible, but I love pranks.  Everything from prank phone calls to video pranks; I always end up in tears.

  • If you were a colour, what colour would you be?

If I were a color, I would be black; but not for obvious reasons.  In the fashion world, the color black is the standard by which all other colors are measured.  Although it’s considered a “muted” color, it represents the strongest color of all.  Reserved but strong…that’s me.

  • Where is your favourite place?

I love wide-open spaces.  There is a quaint nature preserve close to my home, where I often go to recharge.  It contains a lake and a pier that cultivates instant inspiration.

  • How long have you been writing, blogging?

I’ve been journaling since I was around 13 years old.  I’ve always had an affinity for freshly sharpened pencils and fountain pens.  I started my blog in January 2014, and I’ve been loving every minute of it.

  • Who do you look up to?

I look up to anyone who has the courage to forsake the “herd” in order to pursue their passions and dreams.  

  • What is your favourite and least favourite personality trait?

My favorite personality trait is honesty.  My least favorite is insolence.

  • What is your most difficult experience?

When I experienced the loss of a precious loved one, and the loss of a job in the same year, it forced me to look at life through different lenses.  Although that time was difficult for me, what I gained by walking through that season was invaluable.  I now realize how vital it is to have a strong support system in place, that provides the necessary tools to not just survive, but thrive within difficult seasons.

  • What is your favourite word and why?

Too many to name just one.

  • Who would you be if you were a person in history?

This is a tough one.  If I had to choose, I would say the life of  David in the Bible closely mirrors mine.  Through all of the vicissitudes of his life, one thing remained consistent; his devotion to God.  Truly, a man after God’s heart (1 Samuel 13:14).

  • What do you look for in a post or a blog?

When it comes to blogging, I’m all about content.  I love to read about champions, who weren’t always champions.  I’m into personal process, and the journey that starts from tragedy and culminates in triumph.  Of course, I’m a sucker for catchy titles that hook me into reading more.

  • What has been the best piece of advice you have been given?

Always listen more than you talk.


Now, for some of my favorites…and the nominees are:

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Dear nominees…I have some questions for you:

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Would you ever start another blog?

What makes you angry?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

What would be the coolest super power to possess?

In another life, what animal would you be?

Would you rather be early, on-time, or fashionably late?

Which one of your 5 senses would you be saddest to lose?

If you were Noah, which animal would you leave behind?

What is your favorite genre of literature?

When you travel, do you prefer driving or flying?


Well, I think that about does it for me.  Again, I’d like to thank Lightwalkers Blog for the nomination.  Please check out the links for all of the above nominees…you will NOT be disappointed.


As always, thank you for visiting Wisdom’s Quill. See you soon.

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