10 Reasons Why I Keep a Private Journal

  1. I realize that the random thought that just popped into my mind about you may not be the most appropriate thing to say at that given moment.  So I write it later.

  2. It’s therapeutic…like a mental massage.

  3. I’m much nicer in person than I am on paper.

  4. Sometimes, I have to write to know what I’m thinking.

  5. It’s so much cheaper than therapy.

  6. If I tried to express it to you, it wouldn’t make sense anyway.

  7. I learn something new about myself everyday.

  8. Pages never talk to other people.

  9. Writing helps me keep my sanity.

  10. Because what you just said/did was so stupid, if I posted it on Facebook, someone is bound to know I was talking about you.

That is all!!!

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