Learning to Hear the Voice of God: Intimacy

Intimacy with God in prayer is the foundation of hearing and knowing his voice.  Knowing God’s voice doesn’t just happen.  It requires a commitment to communion.  Much like our relationships with the people that we love, we must foster a relationship with God through constant communication (prayer).  Prayer is the birth place of intimacy with the Father, and it is here that we meet to commune with him and learn his voice.

When we spend time with the people that we love, whether our spouses, children, or parents, knowing the sound of their voices is a natural outgrowth of intimate interaction.  The more time we spend with them, we begin to pick up on the finer nuances of their voices.  We know when they are happy, or upset.  We learn the difference between sarcasm and true emotional distress just by spending intimate time with them.

To learn more about hearing the voice of God and the three components of intimacy (S.E.E.–Secrecy, Emotion, Enlightenment), visit my YouTube channel Brian Evans Unleashed.


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