Grave Clothes

The Gospel of John chapter 20 recounts the morning of Jesus’ resurrection as seen through the eyes of Mary Magdalene and Peter.  The angel had just appeared to Mary announcing the resurrection of our Lord.  Upon her arrival to tell the rest of the disciples, Peter had to go and see for himself.  When he arrived to the tomb where Jesus was buried, he found it empty with only his burial linens lying off to the side.  Jesus had risen!!!

On this Resurrection weekend, I am encouraged to know and understand that Jesus came to die in my place.  The punishment of sin was viciously enacted upon his broken body as he carried the weight of death for me.  He experienced separation from the Father so I wouldn’t have to, and for this I live my life in worship as a “thank you.”

Because Jesus discarded his grave clothes, I don’t have to be bound by mine anymore.  God has given us the power to walk away from the dead things in our lives to live a resurrected life in Jesus Christ.  We no longer have to be bound by what once held us captive.  We can be free from the sting of sin and the grave of guilt through the finished work of Christ.  When we die to ourselves God resurrects us to new life in him, and we don’t smell or look like death anymore.  Praise be unto God that we don’t have to wear what we died in.

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  Amen!!!

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I am Brian Evans, and as always, thank you for visiting Wisdom’s Quill.

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