Silver sun and platinum skies

remind my eyes to see

Oh, what I wouldn’t give

to be a bird in flight

in unseen winds

whistling melodies from heaven.

Where does the wind hurry off to

as he tickles the leaves?

Trees blush as he rushes by

trying to make it home before the sun sets

and the street lamps come on

We seem to have lost our sight

blinded by artificial light

Our minds refuse rest

shunning sweet sleep

Foreign to us is life’s wonder

The stars of Sagittarius

and the twinkle of Orion

God’s galaxy

has been hijacked

by Samsung’s Galaxy,

iPads, iPhones, and iWatches

as our eye watches

what can never bring us true sight-

true light

So I choose to turn it all off

and fade to black

I listen to sweet nothings

whispered in my soul;

A lullaby written just for me by the setting sun




As always, thank you for visiting Wisdom’s Quill. See you soon.

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14 Replies to “Lullaby”

  1. Beautiful! A powerful message.
    We all seem to be overwhelmed by the artificial materialistic things, busy in this rat race of a life, forgetting about the true simple pleasures of nature and life 🙂
    Bdw, I too like to fade to black many a times, turn everything off (the phone, the laptop) and just enjoy the simpler things.

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  2. Brian,that was so BEautiful. It made me think of sitting on a far away Island beach with a novel in hand, no radio, no people, just me and nature watching the sun rise or set and the peace of God surrounding me. You’re such a remarkable composer.

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    1. Thank you so much, Sharon. That’s exactly what I felt when I saw the sunset that inspired this poem. Thank you for always taking the time to encourage me. It means so much.



  3. I’m LOVING this, B.E. Love the idea of turning off technology and tuning into God’s nature. Very inspiring and beautiful. Thank you once again. Much love!

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  4. I enjoyed this! Anything can become a distraction. We need balance. We need ‘lullabies written just for us by the setting sun.’ And then we need to take the time to listen. A timely reminder for me.

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    1. Thanks so much, Timi. May our lives be filled with these beautiful lullabies; and may we be fortunate enough to be able to see beyond what is seen, hear beyond what is heard, and feel beyond what is felt. Blessings!


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