Devil In Me

She clutched her purse with fear as I passed by

And took her blue-eyed baby by the hand

As “Come to Mommy, Dear” was her command

I wondered why this fear had gripped her eye

It seemed as if the Devil had come nigh

Straight from Hell, that God-forsaken land

I looked around and tried to understand

But when I saw no one, I realized

In truth I bear, it seems, the Devil’s stain

Upon black skin, a curse for all to read

Though I carry in my soul God’s resumé

And in my heart I hold angelic seed

But to the blue-eyed baby that fear has claimed

It will always be the Devil she sees in me


© 2015 Brian L. Evans.  All rights reserved

Original Petrarchan Sonnet



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Editor: Jaime Evans


10 Replies to “Devil In Me”

  1. Tokoni,

    Hahaha!!! Actually, you’re right…I’m not the devil. However, it’s nice to know that you were able to pick up on the tone that I was trying to convey. It feels really creepy to me, that people are freaked out by the color of my skin, and feel the need to grasp for their valuables when they see a Black male approaching. It’s creepy to me that people are not even aware of the fact that they are reacting to a stereotype steeped in the social constructs that have infiltrated our minds. That’s why I had to write this one. Creepy???…absolutely; as the truth sometimes can be. Thank you, Tokoni, for following, reading and sharing.


  2. Wow! Powerfully written, SAD condition of the heart DECEIVED by FEAR which it Not of GOD! Not only Brown people, but all will do well to learn to NOT OWN OTHER PEOPLE’S ISSUES.
    Thanks Brian, GOD Bless you! 🙂

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  3. This my friend was very powerful, its crazy how the small things we do because of fear can be instilled in the minds of our young. And I think you have captured that very sentiment here. I am worried for my child as she grows in this world as I have experienced that look, I fear more the danger of there other children that are taught subliminally how to perceive those around them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sharon,

      LOL. Love it!!! Tony the tiger, Grrrrreat! I’ll take it. Glad you stopped by. Thanks for reading and doing what you do best…bringing a smile to my face. It’s good to be back. Thank you for your prayers.


  4. Very surreal baby boy! So sad but so true! Thanks for hitting it out of the park AGAIN my love – you’re right on target with this one! I love you mightily my son! Keep on inspiring through the FIRE in your pen!!!

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