Blogging 101 Assignment: A Letter to My Future Self

Dear Future Self,

Why Hello, You (Me)…(this is already getting kind of weird).  Anyway, remember when you participated in the Blogging 101 experience back in 2015?  Well, this is a product of that experience, so listen up.  The task at hand is to write a post for my “dream reader.”  This someone is a person who would appreciate and value my work.  So, you guessed it…I chose you (well…me)…UGH, whatever; you get the point.  I’m writing to you because I know by now, you are an insanely successful author and speaker, who is traveling the world inspiring the masses.  The books that you’ve written, and all of the success that you are experiencing, all started from the decisions that you made when you were your former self (me, of course).  With that being said, I wanted to remind you of some very important things; not that you would ever forget them, but hey…you never know.

  1. Always choose to acknowledge God in all of your endeavors, because He is the source of your highest expression.
  2. Never lose your curiosity, because the moment you do, you cease to grow.
  3. Always remember that everyone you meet has experienced some level of pain, and your smile, coupled with a kind word, may be the only thing that prevents them from losing all hope.
  4. Never forget that feeling you had when you were the recipient of a random act of kindness.  Strive to always give that same feeling to someone else.
  5. When given the option to hate or to love, always choose to love.
  6. Always remember, you DON’T know it all.  In fact, you probably don’t know what you think you know (see #2).
  7. Remember, people are precious, even if they don’t realize it yet.
  8. Always remember that nothing is ever easy, but your job is to make it look like it is.
  9. Always remember that giving and losing are two different things.  Whatever you give will always return to you in some form.
  10. Take time to look beyond what is seen, to listen beyond what is said, and to feel beyond what is felt.  There is wonder in everything, from atoms to air; oceans to sky. Take time to discover it.

If you remember these things, life will never lose its meaning.



As always, thank you for visiting Wisdom’s Quill. See you soon.

Keep Learning ♦ Keep Loving ♦ Keep Living

Editor: Jaime Evans





12 Replies to “Blogging 101 Assignment: A Letter to My Future Self”

  1. So, two things:

    1) I love that your future self is your dream reader! That you strive to always look back from where you come and never forget your beginnings. I hope that future you is successful in every way! You have a talent for writing and it will be exciting to see your books in my library someday soon!

    2) The 10th important thing you want to remember is beautiful! A profound statement, and something that everyone should strive to do in their daily lives.


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